TennisCize - Hawaiian Style

A fun-filled hour program of innovative tennis drills designed for all levels of play.  Starting with warm-ups, and ending with singles and doubles games.  You will improve your aerobic and anaerobic capacity by hitting up to 200 balls while listening to great music.


Private Lessons


Instruction given by certified teaching professionals


Keiki Programs


After School Clinics

Spring, Summer, and Winter Camps

Prices vary

*inquire about schedule, prices and space available.


Stroke of the Day


Monday through Friday we will cover all the major strokes in tennis from volleys to serving.  Must sign up 24 hours in advance.


9:00 – 10:00 am

1 – 2 people – ½ hour class

3 or more – 1 hour class


Match Arrangements


We will gladly try our best to find a fun and challenging game for you.  Just give us 24 hours notice.


Social Round Robin


Come and meet people from all over by participating in our fun doubles social.  This happens every Sunday at 4:00pm. 




Rackets - Ball Machine